Spectator Information


Special assistance facilities are available for people with disabilities, including a reserved viewing area on the 18th green as well as wheelchair accessible restrooms.


Beer and cider will be served in the concession areas. Alcoholic beverages served from the Clubhouse, Sky Boxes, Bear Club, and Manulife Clubhouse Suite are not permitted outside the designated structure. It is strictly prohibited to enter any of the above mentioned areas with alcohol obtained from elsewhere on the course.

Autographs may be requested and given at the players’ convenience during the Championship Pro-Am on Wednesday. Spectators are asked not to approach a player for an autograph from the players’ starting time up to and including time on the practice areas and en route to the 1st or 10th tees. Visit Autograph Alley located near the 18th green for the opportunity to get autographs from your favourite players.


Cameras are permitted during the Wednesday Championship Pro Am only for personal use without cases. Cameras are prohibited during the tournament rounds Thursday – Sunday and may be subject to seizure. Video devices are prohibited from the grounds entirely on all days.

Spectators may take photos at the event with their phone but please refrain from taking photos during play.

There will be a check stand located at Admissions for items that have been confiscated, lost or found.


For your comfort we suggest wearing rubber-soled shoes, a hat or visor, sunglasses, lightweight clothing and have sunscreen on hand.


Concession stands are situated in the following locations:

  • Practice Range
  • Spectator Village
  • 6th Tee

Messages regarding the tournament and any inclement weather will be posted on the electronic leaderboards.  Follow us on Twitter for instant messaging @manulifeclassic.

The LPGA provides an on-site meteorologist for the duration of the tournament to monitor any incoming inclement weather. In the event of an approaching storm special ‘weather warning’ signs will be posted on electronic scoreboards and in the bleachers around the course. Bleachers must be cleared at this time. The sound of a siren or claxon indicates that play is suspended and the course will be cleared. At this stage close umbrellas and seek shelter. If the storm persists spectator should return to their cars. Avoid the following areas:

  • Open areas
  • Hilltops and high places
  • Isolated trees
  • Golf carts
  • Wire fencing
  • Sky boxes, bleachers or grandstands


Any confiscated items or items found will be taken to Admissions where they can later be claimed.

Any lost persons will be taken to Admissions.

The Manulife LPGA Classic's main merchandise area is located in the pro shop within the clubhouse at Whistle Bear Golf Club.  A second location will be located at Admissions.

The main gate Admissions area and Merchandise areas will accept cash, debit, visa and mastercard for the purchase of tickets and official tournament clothing and souvenirs. 

Food and Beverage areas will accept cash only. 

Mobile devices are welcomed at the Manulife LPGA Classic. There are some guidelines that must be adhered to:

  • Set your device to silent mode prior to entering the main gate (or off completely)
  • Phone calls must not be made in areas near play
  • Video and camera functions are permitted to be used at the event but please refrain from taking photos or video of play

Violators of these guidelines are subject to device confiscation



General spectator parking is conveniently located beside the course at 40 Dickie Settlement Road. Spectators will be able to walk from their vehicles directly to Admissions. The cost is $10 per car daily. Directions and map can be found here.

The following items are strictly prohibited from entering the tournament grounds:

  • Outside food and beverages, excluding any special dietary needs. Spectators are permitted to bring 1 refillable water bottle (empty or sealed 500mL bottle)
  • Cameras (allowed Wednesday only)
  • Video cameras
  • Bags, backpacks and packages larger than  12” x 12” x 12”
  • Radios, televisions and noise-making devices
  • Signs, banners or flags
  • Coolers
  • Bicycles
  • Pets (service animals are accepted)
  • Step ladders, step stools

All bags, purses, packs, etc. will be subject to inspection. Restricted items can be left at the Check Stand at Admissions or spectators may return the item to their car.

For more information regarding the tournament call the Tournament Office at 519-884-5742.


Spectators wishing to re-enter must obtain a hand stamp when leaving the tournament grounds.

The following guidelines listed below are for the enjoyment of all spectators:

  • Look for and obey marshal signs or instructions at all times
  • Walk at all times – never run
  • Remain quiet and still as golfers prepare and play their shots
  • Remain on the green areas until all players in the group have putted out
  • Do not approach or speak to players on the course
  • Cross the fairways at the designated crossing points only and stay behind the ropes at all times
  • Please consider spectators behind you and kneel or sit if you are in the front of the gallery
  • Keep hydrated and drink plenty of fluids throughout the day
  • Remember to wear comfortable shoes for walking on grassy hills, dirt paths and other uneven surfaces

Daily pairings can be found in the complimentary spectator guide that is available at Admissions and distributed to various locations on the course.

Various activities and services are available for all spectators:

  • Merchandise shop for official tournament items
  • Check stand for prohibited items
  • Complimentary Spectator Guide with course map, daily pairings and information about on site activities
  • Site map
  • ATM’s
  • Lost and Found
  • Restrooms
  • First Aid
  • Food and Beverage Areas

The Manulife LPGA Classic encourages recycling. Please use the appropriate recycling receptacles located around the course.


Tickets are available for purchase here.  Print-at-home tickets make it easy and convenient. Tickets may be purchased at the gate.  Children 17 and under are admitted free to the grounds.


Children 17 years of age and under are permitted free entry to the grounds. Junior passes do not permit access to the Champions Club, Clubhouse, Hospitality Venues or Sky Boxes. Juniors must have the proper credentials to enter these designated areas. Champions Club tickets may be purchased for $20.